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From driving customer acquisition and retention, to optimizing marketing, sales and supply chain operations, Aible helps your organization solve the most pressing challenges and guarantees impact – within one month.

Aible is an enterprise AI solution. Aible starts from your business goals and works to achieve them. Aible considers your unique cost benefit trade-offs and constraints to deliver impact on your terms, with recommendations injected directly into your existing enterprise applications. Your end users across sales, marketing, supply chain, customer support, finance and other functions will be able to make an impact with every action.

Aible enables users to try out dozens or even hundreds of scenarios to see how different assumptions would impact the business. Aible also adjusts its AIs based on your expectations about how the data in the future would be different than the original AI training data. Aible then creates a portfolio of AI models that would be optimal in each of those scenarios and deploys the models automatically. At every step in the process, Aible preserves optionality. It does not lock you into trying out a single scenario or a single model. This is a valuable asset in the everchanging business environment.

Aible understands your business objectives by asking business users simple questions. Next it makes actionable recommendations that will help you achieve your business goals, while considering your unique business constraints and changing business conditions. Aible integrates with your existing enterprise systems to bring optimized recommendations to the applications your end users leverage every day.

Aible and Boomi complement each other remarkably well. Boomi and Aible are designed to help business teams quickly go from data to AI that helps identify opportunities and deliver impact. We can offer you both solutions under one roof with expertise.

Bring the power of AI and boost your existing enterprise systems. Learn more about Aible.

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